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Introducing our powerful tea formulation, specially crafted to deeply penetrate the hair follicles while providing a revitalizing cleanse for the scalp. This multitasking tea is truly a game-changer, offering a range of benefits. Not only does it shield your hair from sun damage, but it also acts as a protective barrier against bacteria and fungi that can lead to hair loss. With its unique blend, our tea stimulates hair growth, combats hair loss, and promotes a healthy scalp, all while maintaining optimal hydration for your hair. If you're experiencing excessive shedding, this rinse is a perfect solution. Whether your scalp is parched from scorching hot summer days or the chilling cold of winter nights, this rejuvenating rinse will help revitalize both your scalp and hair.


How to use: cleanse your hair with shampoo or pre-poo, pour tea onto your scalp, and hair massage thoroughly, throughout your hair for best results; Cover with a processing cap for 30 to 45 minutes rinse out with cold water, followed by a deep condition and a moisturizer. (a spray bottle is ideal for better control)  use rinse ONCE a week as a treatment


COLD BREW: brew tea by leaving your tea bag/bags to soak overnight in the Refridgerator.


HOT BREW: steep tea bag/bags in hot water for 30-45 minutes, allowing the tea to get lukewarm before applying it.


Our tea rinse is ideal as a leave-in conditioner followed by a moisturizer. You can store your tea in an airtight container for up to 5 days, and please discard it afterward.



Red Clover Blossoms

Lemon myrtle

Licorice root




Angelica root





Hair Growth Tea Rinse

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