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Embrace the transformative power of Blooming, a moisture-rich wonder. This unique formula shields your hair from splitting and shedding, ensuring its resilience. Say goodbye to dandruff concerns as Blooming safeguards your scalp against accumulation. Invigorating the follicles, it paves the way for healthy hair growth. Enriched with fatty amino acids, Blooming also combats fungus, promoting a thriving environment for your hair. Perfect for dry or damaged strands, Blooming butter works its magic, infusing deep moisture from roots to ends. Whether your hair is relaxed or color-treated, it is a reliable moisturizing companion. Witness the remarkable softening of dry, brittle hair and the repair of the split, damaged ends. Blooming provides profound nourishment to your hair follicles, fostering their strength and vitality. Each application moisturizes the hair shaft, preventing roughness, dullness, and brittleness while improving the overall structure of your hair.


Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Jamaican Castro Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Marshmallow Powder, Brahmi Powder


How to use: apply your hair butter 1-2 inches away from new growth, all the way to your ends. (use a pea-size amount) can be used as a daily moisturizer 

Blooming Infused Hair Whipped Butter

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